Centurion Army Boots

Italian production of professional boots suitable barracks, soldiers, hiking and softair games.

Centurion paratroopers boots extra

Handmade Military boots extremely comfortable and lightweight, absolutely waterproof and breathable. Absolute guarantee of quality, Made in Italy.

Winter Centurion P.E.V. alpin

Military boots made of sturdy leather particularly suitable for the winter season, outdoor use and harsh climates. 100% waterproof

Tactical winter Centurion

Military boots winter made of strong leather, especially suitable for use in outdoor environments and harsh climates. 100% waterproof.

Summer Centurion

Military boots made leather and Cordura, comfortable and lightweight suitable for spring and summer.

Boots and shoes accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories for the care of footwear and foot comfort

Foot comfort

Our range of plantars and insoles ensures absolute comfort even after many hours of use.


Shoes and boots care

A wide range of items for the care and maintenance of your boots: polished, waterproofing sprays, seal fat, string, ect.

5% discount on boots for purchases of more than 5 pairs
8% discount on boots for purchases of more than 10 pairs